In 1999 I had an objective to find an adequate replacement for the DKW Monza which was sold a number of years ago related to an overseas assignement. What would come closer than an ur-quattro 20V which is quite rare although not to the degree of the Monza? Both cars stand for the top of the range products of Audi (Auto Union) at their time.
Preferred colour: Pearl white
After quite a short search I received a call from my Audi dealer that he had traded in a car which could be of interest for me: A Audi quattro Turbo 20V ("ur-quattro"), pearl white, model year 1990 with 85'000 km on the odometer. The price was fair and the only thing to be checked was the condition!
After comprehensive check and a short test drive, we completed the deal: The condition was absolutely outstanding!
Technical Data:

Type RR, 5 cylinder turbo, 2226 ccm, >250 HP (chip-tuning),
fuel injection Motronic, catalytic converter

5- speed fully synchronized gearbox, 4 wheel drive, Torsen- type distribution differential, rear axle differential with lock (electrically operated)

Break System:
4 disk brakes (ventilated) with independent circuits f / r and high pressure hydraulic brake booster. ABS (with switch off selector)

1380 kg

Facts and Figures:
- Max. speed 150 mph
- Fuel consumption (real) 23.1 - 29.0 mpg; average 26.4 l/100 km
- Fuel tank capacity 23.8 gal.

- Partial leather interior
- Hydraulic power steering (rack and pinion)
- Airconditioning
- Cruise control
- Power windows
- Elecrically adjustable rear view mirrors
- Central locking (remote control added)
- Trip computer
- Sun roof (detatchable)

Production figures:

all series (1980 - 1991): 11452
thereof 20V: 898
From January 2020, thanks to perfect original condition, the car is officially registered under vintage car Licence.

Thanks to the very attractive purchasing deal, the value of my car has already increased. Based on the glorious Rally- history and the importance of the ur-quattro for the success of Audi in the market, the trend to rising value is expected to continue. Non-modified original cars in excellent condition are very rare today.